Christmas is a festival that brings with it the expectations that you will spend time with your family and try not to have a complete meltdown.  I failed to do this, it is not that I had a full blown tantrum but I did blame my poor husband when I had failed to pack appropriate footwear for a ‘lovely’ family walk.

We were staying with family; it was cold, wet and very muddy.  All I had to wear were  some ‘fashion’ boots or a pair of ‘shoots’ (half shoes half boots, with a heel, for the uninitiated) and selection of dresses.  Previously I had discussed with my husband whether we should pack hiking boots etc and he had said that he was not going to bother, so I had decided not to take any sensible clothing – just indoors dressy stuff…..Thus my contribution to the family walk was a whinge-athon about how cold I was and how disgustingly muddy it was, not loud enough for any one to hear but my husband.  So I did not enjoy the walk and I spoilt it for my husband.  When we returned to out home I knew exactly what to expect – a very sore bottom.  Due to the fact that my husband did not want the children to hear he decided to break down my punishment into parts; three punishments on one day and a ‘proper’ punishment, which I will receive this week…

My three-in-one day of punishment started with a caning in the morning followed by two minutes of corner time so that I could think about my behaviour.  This was followed by a taste of the tawse a few hours later and then, just before bedtime the paddle was used to end the day.

I get the cane quite a lot because my husband likes the marks it makes and the fact that it is quite quiet, when compared to a hand spanking or the paddle.  On this day my husband was completely merciless, each stroke of the cane was delivered with more force than he had used before and it was difficult not to cry out.  I felt very sorry for myself once I was ordered to go to the corner with my very sore and red bottom!

The tawse was the worst as it was delivered with the same force as the cane but only seemed to cause lingering pain in one place.  This was a similar feeling to having fallen very heavily onto a garden gnome wearing a cone shaped hat.  It maybe that only one corner of the tawse  is ‘making an impression’ and that is what is producing a weird slightly ‘unpunished’ feeling as, apart from the one small area on my right bottom cheek, the rest of my bottom was pain free.

The first two punishments were delivered with me kneeling on the bed with my head on the mattress and my bare bottom in the air.  However the last punishment of the day was to be delivered with me on my back, holding my knees to my chest to pull the skin as tight as possible.  My husband then delivered the paddle blows across my bottom and thighs so that I would have something to think about before I went to sleep.

I am slightly dreading this week as my husband and has promised to punish me ‘properly’ for being so childish and blaming him for something that was entirely my own fault.  I know that this will involve a hand spanking over his knee, but he will surprise me with the other parts of my punishment, which promises to leave me sitting uncomfortably…..


This is my first blog, and indeed blog entry, on the subject of the punishments I receive for being a less than obedient and well behaved wife!  This blog was given to me, by my husband, as part of any punishments I receive.

Today’s punishment was caused by my mobile phone bill, which was larger than expected due to the fact I was allowing all my little apps to automatically update and thus trample on and exceed the allowance my provider had allocated to me.  My sentence for the resulting impact on our finances my ignorance had caused was a caning.  My punishment took the form of a lecture on my behaviour followed by a firm push into the the position he desired: kneeling on the bed with my head resting on it so that my rear was in the air.  As usual I was expected to take my punishment ‘on the bare’ because my husband did not want anything coming between me and the full force of his displeasure.  He continued to lecture me between each stroke so that  the punishment would not be over too quickly and I would have time to experience the ‘burn’ between each stroke.  As always, when he had finished my chastisement he gave me a hug to show that my punishment was over and all had been forgiven. – this time!